Irving Community Club Charitable Gambling Organizations mission is to enhance the lives of children and families in the Irving area where it is allowed by law for us to do so.

We will not donate to school structures, basketball or tennis courts, football fields score boards or any other projects that involve the physical structures of schools churches, athletic complexes or buildings, offices, administrative costs of any other non-profit organizations. These issues need to be addressed and paid for by school boards, board of directors or executive board of these facilities. We are dedicated to giving supplementary help and support to the children and families who use these facilities and are already assisting either financially or with volunteer hours with whatever project is in progress.

Organizations outside the Irving area that assist and care for children and their families need to be able to support their project through many sources of financial aid. Irving Community Club cannot be their main or only means of assistance.

Irving Community Club Charitable Gambling also assists organization that feed the hungry, protect animals and in cases of sudden emergency needs (i.e. house fires, floods).

Irving Community Club was established in 1972. Our mission has always been to insure that the people within our boundaries have a strong voice in all community, city, county and state issues that affect our neighbors and friends. We entered the charitable gaming business in 1987. Since then we have expanded our mission to include as many non-profits and youth organizations as possible. Due to our charitable gambling business we have been able to donate thousands of dollars to those organizations. Irving Community Club has game operations at several locations in West Duluth, Lincoln Park, Downtown Duluth, Proctor, Rice Lake Township, Midway Township, Cloquet, and Scanlon.